Vintage Photographs

Yesterday we had our photo-shoot with the wonderful mister Van IJserloo, who was our photographer for the day. We all went to this lovely Steamtrain station in Goes where everything is old and vintage and so beautiful. We had a personal guide who gave us access to everything! Thank you Kees and Reinier.


We were able to get into every part of the lot; the platform, the pile of vintage suitcases, the wagons, the locomotives, the workshop, the repository, we even got to go onto the rails and in between the wagons. Of course we had to watch out not to damage our dresses, our beautiful new vintage dresses. We finally have our look complete, having purchased the last two dresses for Simone and Tsjalline. Making the picture perfect, setting the theme for our group; 1940’s–1950’s.


 We don’t have all the pictures yet, but we want to share the ones we have. One of these will be on the poster for our Evening With The Roosettes, which will be ready soon.


On the Steamtrain’s lot there is an old building De Goederenloods, which is so beautifully decorated inside and out. Everything vintage, of course. While we were snapping our shots on the balcony there was a tango dance-class going on inside. We were asked to sing a song for the guests and so we did. We had an impromptu little concert and also got a cup of tea!


All in all it was a long and exhausting day (we also had a rehearsal when we got back to Middelburg), but the results are fabulous! And the people were so nice and helpful. And we generally had a great day being together and having fun. We hope to see all of you at our concert in HoneyPie on Sunday april 13th, where we hope so share with you our love for music and the vintage cuisine. 



So Long!


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