Ok, we’ve been away from the website for a while. We’ve never even posted anything about our amazing evening at Honeypie!

To give an impression of the diner you can watch this little clip that friends of us made of a song called ‘Honey Pie’ (by the Beatles) we learned especially for the occasion. And if you go on to Youtube you will be able to find recordings of all the songs we performed there, while our guests enjoyed their dinner.Β 

But that’s forever ago! Since then we’ve done so many things I don’t know where to start. I guess we’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start πŸ™‚

Right after our big evening in Honeypie we started rehearsing a special song for a special occasion: graduation. It’s become a regular thing to perform there now. And everytime we pick a song that’s somewhat out of our usual repertoire. This year it was Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen). A very difficult but o so genious song that was on the top of our song-bucketlist.

And yes, it took us quite some blood sweat and tears, but we managed to learn all 25 pages by heart! We kept it a surprise for the guests all the way up to the moment we got on stage and started singing: β€œIs this the real life, is this just fantasy…”

Unfortunately we don’t have any footage from that afternoon, so we can’t show you how we KNOCKED THEIR SOCKS OFF!

Anyway, then summer began. But not after we had a very nice groupdinner to say goodbye to Joanna. She had been a part of the Roosettes for three years, first as a singer and then as a our conductor. A job that fit her like a glove and where she helped the group to get to the next level.

Thank you dear Joanna, for everything you’ve done! We will miss you dearly!



And then summer truly began. But as it goes every summer we were in need for some new girls. Or, rather one new girl. Because we decided that we only have space for one girl this semester since only one girl left. Tabitha will take over conducting from september on and so we need one new singer. Auditions were held and only two girls signed up! But guess what! They are both so good and such a right fit for the group that we decided to make it easy on ourselves and take them both! So, we present to you Judith Veld and Romy Siebelink.

To kick off the new semester we had a very nice performance for the 10th anniversary gala of UCR. An evening which we could not have missed since we have been part of so many important UCR events. From Dean Hans Adriaansens Goodbye Ceremony to Dean Barbara Oomen’s inaugural lecture. When we started the Roosettes four years ago it was still called RA! So we felt right in place there and the best part was that there were so many old Roosettes in the audience that night, including Joanna who came back to stand before us one last time!


Right now we are very busy rehearsing and getting to know eachother. This semester we are devoted to new repertoire. We will slowly get rid of the songs we have been singing for years (don’t worry we will keep the best ones!) and add a lot of new songs. Which ones, you are probably wondering. Well, one of them is “Come Fly With Me” πŸ™‚ Our first performance with the “new girls” and the new repertoire will be on October 19th during Concert bij de Buren. Tickets are still available! So we hope to see you there!



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