The End of the Semester: Graduation

Just over a month ago UCR had their official graduation ceremony on the Abbey Square. And, like previous years, we were asked to sing. Which we were very happy to do. It has alomst become a traditional thing which we look forward to the whole academic year. It is an honor to stand on that stage and sing for so many people; the graduates, the faculty and staff, the families and visitors. But the fact that there are always a few of our girls graduating makes it even more special.


This year we said goodbye to Pamela Mann, Louise Bonneau and Elise te Kaat. Congratulations dearies! It was great having you as Roosettes for so long and we will miss you dearly!

Schermafbeelding 2013-07-11 om 14.39.03

We had a great day that day, because we not only had a great performance during the ceremony, we also did a surprise performance at Honeypie. (Check out the video here!) On the shore next to the boat we sang for the lucky people who were enjoying tea and cake there. And of course afterwards we had some tea and “proeverijtjes” and enjoyed each-others company.

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It was our last performance before the summer and we had such a good time. We are enjoying our summerbreak right now, but in the meantime we are looking for new girls. As you might have seen already we need new girls to complete the group. Also we are preparing for the next semester; finding new songs (we have a few great ones lined up!) and arranging performances. So we are not doing nothing:-) We will keep you posted on our progress. And if you know any girls who might be perfect for us, please let them contact us!


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