Summerlovin’ Happened So Fast!

The end of summer means that the beginning of the new semester is in sight and that in it’s turn means that we will start our weekly rehearsals again. After a good ten weeks it’s time and we are all looking forward to it very much.


The graduation was our last performance of the previous semester. It was also the last performance that Joanna was our conductor. For the time being that is, since she will be away for an internship for a full semester. Luckily she will be back though! And in the meantime Liesbeth will be in front of the group.

So for the last few weeks, after having some time off from the organizational matters of the Roosettes, Tabitha, Roos and Liesbeth have started planning and preparing for the coming months. The most important being coming up with a new repertoire. Searching and finding great songs that are suitable for us (meaning they’re not too hard, not too simple, and there’s a nice and available arrangement. If you want to know more about how we compose our repertoire click here). But we can say that we’ve succeeded and we have a few very nice songs lined up! Like this one!:-)

Java Jive

Another very important thing was finding new girls. As you might have seen on this website, as well as our facebook page, as well as all around Middelburg, we have been putting our best foot forward to reach each and every girl in and near Middelburg who could be a future Roosette. And fortunately we can tell you that it has payed off. We have a good number of girls who all want to be a part of the group. Unfortunately we can not take on everyone, that’s why we are planning auditions.

The word “audition” has a lot of bad connotations hanging to it. It’s very easy to imagine “Idols” and “The X-factor” and “The Voice” -like scenes where you have to stand in front of a lot of scary people and you get laughed at or teared apart when you don’t sing well. But obviously we don’t work like that!
What we mean by “auditioning” is: getting to know each other. Of course the most important thing is that we want to hear what a girls voice is like. We want to hear if that voice matches our style and the other voices in the group. And besides that we want to see if someone is a Roosettes-type-of-girl. What does that mean exactly? I guess we don’t know that either, at least we can’t put it into words. We’ll see… And then we will no doubt let you know!

While the new girls are getting ready for the audition, the old group, now existing of 6 girls, has three performances coming up. We’ve never been so low in number, so that’s a challenge, but one we are very happy to take on. For all we know it could turn out to be a very good thing.
So that’s up first. Three performances in two weeks. And after that we will start with the new repertoire AND the new girls. We will keep you posted!


The Roosettes

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  1. All the best of luck to the auditioning girls! I can tell you from experience that everyone is really nice and that they are not as scary as they may seem! So just go and sing your heart out! 🙂

    And Good Luck to the current Roosettes for the coming performances! I can’t wait to hear about how they went and see some pictures!

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