Sponsors Page


The Roosettes are sponsored by our local Flowershop Pluk de Dag! (Plein 1940 15, Middelburg). The lovely people of the shop make sure we get these beautiful corsages every time we have a performance. It’s a really lovely, creative and inspiring shop. You can find more information on their Facebook page and their website but you should really just drop by! 



You saw her in one of Pluk De Dag’s pfoto’s: De Juf. A For our Vintage Picknick photoshoot we got this carrotcake from De Juf which was so very tasty and yummy and delightful and delicious and good looking and beautiful and lovely and o my god, do we have to go on?

De Juf is a shop where homemade pies, cakes, cookies and other sweets are made and sold. All their products are made daily in the shop with lots of love and attention. You can watch them get prepared whenever you go to the shop at Sint Janstraat 32, because their made all day!

Else is Chef Cake. She makes de most delicious pastries and invents new recipes as if it’s magic. And… sje is De Juf. On mondays and tuesdays the teaches her class and the rest of the week you can find her in the shop.
You can find more information on her website or her facebook page, but you should really just drop by (how can you not, after seeing these pictures!)