Roosettes in the Picture: Simone


Hi everyone! My name is Simone Landman, I am nineteen years old, I study music and philosophy and I have been a part of the Roosettes since September 2013. When I saw some YouTube videos of performances by the Roosettes, I immediately knew that I wanted to join this group of girls. I had auditions for multiple things that week, but still I was nervous. When I came into the room though, the girls were all very nice, which came down. When I heard I was accepted, I was very happy! I still like it a lot to be a part of this nice group of girls. What makes the Roosettes so special, is the perfect combination between singing together and having a good time: everyone can sing quite well, so there are musical possibilities and singing together is always enjoyable, but also a lot of fun! There is always a nice atmosphere and room for jokes.

Probably the most special performances for me so far, have been the performances in elderly homes, my first one in November 2013 and the last one only a week ago. Because we sing songs from the 1940’s and also look like people in that period did, our look and music is very recognizable for the people living there. During such performances people always sing along and make nice comments about the way we are dressed. Even the people that are very sick or confused still recognize are remember the music we are singing, which makes these performances very heart-warming.

I love singing and performing with the Roosettes and I am happy that I can still continue doing so for a year. If you are curious, come to our concert in the Spot on the 24th of April, to the Volkoren Festival (both of which are in Middelburg) or to one of our other performances. Hope to see you soon!

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