Roosettes in the Picture: Merel


Photo by Nous Davidse



Hi everyone! My name is Merel, I’m 19 and have been singing with the Roosettes for almost a year and a half now. I still remember the beginning of my first semester in Middelburg and seeing posters with girls in beautiful dresses that said they were looking for new singers. As I have been singing in choirs and barbershop groups for as long as I remember, this sounded perfect to me! At the audition I was a bit nervous, but I rehearsed very well and I had a good feeling about it, so I was extremely happy when they told me they wanted me to be in the group!

The first performance we had was also one of the most fun: at the ‘Nacht van de Nacht’ in de Spot. This was the first time I could wear my dress and do my hair nicely, and we had such a great time. I brought all my friends along to support me and I still recall this as a wonderful night. In the second semester, Liesbeth left us as conductor and joined us with singing, because our official conductor Joanna was back from her exchange. In this semester we mainly focused on two things: our annual Evening with the Roosettes (in Honeypie) and our performance at graduation where we sang Bohemian Rhapsody. I will never forget the laughter, joy and surprise of the graduates when we started singing ‘Is this the real life?’. We also had a photo shoot, which was great fun, and a nice dinner at the Mug. Unfortunately, Joanna had to leave us after this semester, but luckily Tabitha now stepped forward to be our conductor.

The Roosettes is always one of the things I look forward to every weekend. It is such a nice and relaxed way to end a stressful week, to sing with each other, laugh, eat cookies and chocolate and have a great time. The atmosphere between the girls is amazing and since we’ve been singing together for so long we have a lot of repertoire and our voices blend beautifully. Our style is getting more perfect every time we get new clothes (I LOVE my new dress) and add new songs to our performances. I can’t remember a rehearsal where we didn’t have a moment where we couldn’t stop laughing, we didn’t sing along to Kinderen voor Kinderen songs, or talked about nice food and clothes. I guess we are all secretly very girly girls, and I love being part of this group. Not only for the fun we have, but also because we learn so much. I used to always sing soprano, but here we get divided differently per song, and I’ve started to like singing second alto too!

If you have never heard us sing, please come to one of our many gigs this semester, you won’t regret it. Of course, the highlight this year will again be our Evening with the Roosettes, in de Spot.

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