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This Saturday the 26th the whole of Middelburg will be dark. The lights will be out and the city will only be lit by fires, candles and the stars. While the rest of the city will be sound asleep, the town center will be busy as ever, with music, poetry, theater, excursions and food & drinks of course.

The Night of the Night is about raising awareness of light pollution. Dutch night is three to six percent lighter every year. Real darkness is almost impossible to find. This makes seeing a full starry sky increasingly rare: what a depressing thought, right? The Netherlands is now one of the most lighted countries in the world. So to help draw attention to this issue the whole of the Netherlands will turn off its lights and enjoy the darkness and all that it has to offer (exploration, excitation, romance…?).

Roosettes N8vdN8

And we, as the Roosettes, are very happy to bring some light into the dark, dark night. We will be in De Spot from 8pm to 11pm and we will bring to you our newest songs. Nothing too dark and dreary, but songs that will fill you with warmth and happiness and enough energy to last you all night! (Also, we would really like to introduce you to our new girls!) So see you there!

Adieu & Goodbye

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