New Girls

After a few months of spreading the word, a few weeks of auditioning and a few days of getting to know each of the 15 interested girls, we are very happy to introduce to you to our new members Merel van Lent, Simone Landman, Tsjalline Boorsma and Emma de Winter-Verduijn.

It took some time to see and hear everyone, but these four girls stood out from all the auditions we have seen. Even though each of the auditioning girls was very brave to stand there and show us how well they can sing, and even though we were very impressed by everyone, we simply did not have space for 15 new girls. We still want to thank all of you for coming!
But we found what we were looking for in Merel, who has such a great style and voice that mixes perfectly with the group. And Simone, who is very musical and knows how to read music and stick to her part. And Tsjalline, who has a fair soprano voice that compliments the other voices in the group. And Emma, who has a very beautiful low voice, which was exactly what we needed.!

So, here we are, all complete again. After having started this season with just the six of us we are very happy to be at the perfect number of ten girls. So, now we can start with our new repertoire. And we are very excited, all of us.
Our first performance coming up is during ‘Nacht van de Nacht’, a small night time festival in the heart of Middelburg on saturday the 26th of October. We will be in the Foyer of the Spot and we hope to see all of you there to meet our new girls!

Au Revoir!

* * * * *

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