Welcome to our Video Page where you will be able to find a selection of video’s of some of our songs. Dating from all the way back to june 2011 to our most recent performance.

The Roosettes singin Ain’t Misbehavin’ at B&B ‘t Poorthuys during Concert bij de buren

The Roosettes singing a song we learned especially for the occasion at AEWTR in Honeypie, accordingly called ‘Honey Pie’, with Merel van Lent on ukelele, april 2014.

The Roosettes singin Java Jive at AEWTR in Honeypie, april 2014.

The Roosettes singin We’ll Meet Again at AEWTR in Honeypie, april 2014.

The Roosettes singin Rhum & Coca-Cola at AEWTR in Honeypie, april 2014.

The promovideo we made for our annual An Evening With The Roosettes in Honeypie 2014 we shot after the photoshoot at the Old Train Station.

Recording of our classic ‘Stormy Weather’, which we sang in de Spot during Nacht van de Nacht on october 26th. Since all the light were out the video is a bit dark, but still sounds nice. This was sang by a small group of five girls, where we usually are with ten.

Very nicely made recordings of our entry on stage at ‘An Evening With The Roosettes’. As you can hear, we’re singing the Roosettes Classic ‘Lollipop’!

An awesome video of us singing ‘Rain’, during ‘An Evening With The Roosettes’. Shot and edited by Muck van Empel  (Please turn up your volume for this one.)


Another video of  ‘An Evening With The Roosettes’, Shot and edited by Muck van Empel. This time of the song ‘Ma, He’s Making Eyes at Me’

Us singing ‘When I Take My Sugar To Tea’ during Zeeuws Vrouwenplatform in the Burgerzaal of the Stadhuis in Middelburg.

Recording of one of the songs we sang on the shore at Honeypie, ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’

Compilation of a performance we did at our sponsor’s beautiful Flowershop “In De Verbeelding” as a thank you for the corsages we get from them.

This is shot form very very far away on the first official UCR graduation ceremony we sang at , but still delivers a good impression of how we sound:-) ‘Lean On Me’ with a very impressive solo by Zarah Yusifli.