Welcome to our Pictures Page where you will be able to find a selection of photo’s of some of the performances we did. It’s in chronological order, from our first ever performance to our most recent show.

Valentines Day 2014

On Valentines Day we sang at our sponsors flowershop In De Verbeelding, in return for all those beautiful corsages we get from them every time.

St. Willibrord Opening

On saturday november 23rd 'Werkt Voor Ouderen' opened the new location of the nursing home St. Willibrord and we were asked to perform. It was very nice seeing how many of the elderly people recognized our repertoire. Photo's by Paul van Hacken

N8vdN8 2013

During the annual Nacht van de Nacht in Middelburg we had a lovely performance with three handsome fellows in de Spot. Oh, and of course we had to sing a song for this fine looking gentleman from the navy. Gosh, he was so nice!

Graduation 2013

We were invited to sing at the official graduation ceremony again this year. This time we had to say goodbye to three of our dear girls, Pamela Natalie, Elise te Kaat and Louise Bonneau, who received their diploma's.

An Evening With The Roosettes

Our third anual Roosettes Concert took some new proportions this year when we held it at the Spot. It was our first \'An Evening With The Roosettes\' and all our family and friends were there, together with a lot more people. Photo\'s by Imutsj and Tineke Boer

Prof. Dr. Rijkers\' Inauguration

These photo\'s were taken at prof. dr. Rijkers\' inaugurational lecture in the Burgerzaal. We sang \'Aint Got No - I Got Life\' by Nina Simone at the professors\' request. Later, during the reception, we sang \'Stand By Me\' - also a request.


We were invited to sing at a fund-raiser of one of our local churches to help raise money for their new building.

Graduation 2012

During the official graduation ceremony of June 2012 we again had the honor of singing with our group. In this ceremony our Marjan Pantjes and Caroline Koekkoek received their diploma\'s. photo\'s by Niels Davidse

Fotoshoot Schuttershof

After a delicious diner at Korte Delft 5 we all went to the balletroom above Schuttershof for a Photoshoot. Photo\'s by Niels Davidse

Concert Ko d\'Oooor

Our second anual Roosettes Concert was held in coffebar Ko d\'Ooor this year. The place was fully packed with our family and friends. Photo\'s by Niels Davidse

Graduation 2011

Our first time performing during the official graduation ceremony of UCR. During this ceremony our Ferra Heskin, Anne Berrevoets, Rachel Walker, Tessa Huging, Aafke Cremer, Anne Harinck, Marjolein van der Boon and Diantha Vliet received their diplomas. Photo\'s by Niels Davidse

Open Day Porthos

Photo's of our performance during Porthos' open day in april 2011.

Night Of The Talents

The Roosettes participated in UCR\'s anual \'Night Of The Talents. With theatre, dance, comedy, classical and popular music, this night is one of the highlights of the cultural agenda at UCR. Photo\'s by Niels Davidse

Benefietconcert Roparun

The Roosevelt Academy Student Association organized a benefit for the RoPaRun in Schuttershof. Among the different musicians were The Roosettes, who helped raise money for people with cancer. Photo\'s by Niels Davidse