Graduation 2015

graduationThe photo’s are finally here and look at them! Look at our girls shine as they receive their diploma’s. Well done dear Kim, Liesbeth and Lonneke. Congratulations on achieving your Bachelors

For this special occasion we wrote a song. It’s the first song we ever wrote as The Roosettes and is was so much fun to do. Liesbeth, Lonneke, Tabitha and Roos got together after Lonneke came up with the idea and after a few days of sitting together in Tabitha’s house drinking a lot of tea, eating even more cookies and singing a ton of different melodies, the song was there. And then it took another get-together to come up with the words. Because we wanted it to be for the graduation ceremony, for the graduating students, about the past time at UCR and the future that now lays at their feet. We wanted this song to have a meaning and a message but also to have these little things in the lyrics that you would recognize, even if you weren’t graduating. So a song about a girl who is starting a new chapter of her life, where she can do anything as long as she believes, in life, in the future and in herself.

But we also thought: wouln’t it be a shame if we could only sing this song this one time? If we could only sing this song on the afternoon of the graduation ceremony, when we would undoubtedly be either supernervous (because it would be the first time to sing it in public, and for so many dear friends, family and important people) or superemotional (because it would be the last time we would sing with Liesbeth, Lonneke and Kim) or, you know… both!
So the lyrics of the song had to be applicable for other occasions as well, that way we could keep singing The Roosettes Song (it’s working title) for the years to come.

Now you know how this song came about and we would like to share the lyrics with you, especially the graduates, for whom we originally wrote this song. Congratulations to all of you and the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

written by Liesbeth Visee, Lonneke de Klerk, Tabitha van der Stel en Roos Dobson 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen
It’s time to say goodbye
No time for tears today
Or at least, we’ll try

Mama told me one simple thing
You ain’t no puppet on a string
Mama told me listen to me hon
Life has only just begun

Now that all the stars align
Honey, you’re gonna be fine
Now it’s time to spread your wings
And fly away

Papa told me don’t you cry
Dry your eyes, I will tell you why
Papa told me don’t be blue
A whole new world is waiting for you

This is my time to go out
And show the world what I can do
All on my own
Papapadada Dapapadada
This is my time to go out
And I will be a part if this
Big world, big world
Papapada Dap

It is time to go my own way
But here’s what I’d like to say
I am sure we’ll meet again
So here’s to yooouuu:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!


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