Fridaynight Festivity

As the title of this post suggests we had a little party on friday. Well, not exactly little; it was our biggest concert since, to be honest, the start of the Roosettes!

The Roosettes 4

We’ve been working towards this evening for weeks, or months maybe, as you might have gotten from previous posts, and last friday the time was finally there! Getting to the Spot at four we had a lot of time to kill until eight o’clock. But time flies when one’s having fun:-) We picked up the flowers at our sponsor ‘In De Verbeelding’ and after having a great soundcheck (thanks Maurits!) and decorating the stage we had diner as a group, together with the lovely people from the Spot (not that we ate much, being nervous and all).

Before we knew it it was time to get ready; put our dresses on do our hair. Oh, the laughs we had while getting dressed. In the past weeks we’ve collected a special ‘Roosettes wardrobe’ with vintage (looking) dresses and blouses and skirts and shoes. But a vintage look needs a vintage hairstyle, so we practiced and practiced until we got the pincurls, victory-rolls and faux-bangs just right;-) So this evening it was a mess of clothes, tights, shoes, curling irons, bobby pins and lipsticks everywhere… But after some time we looked like (and felt like) we stepped right out of a 1940’s movie.

The Roosettes 2

After the doors opened at eight o’clock our friends Tim Frieke on (electric) piano en Maurits den Hollander  on double bass were first up on stage. Getting our audience warmed-up with some jazz:-) Thank you boys!

We remained backstage because we didn’t want to spoil the surprise of our new outfits. But we peeked around the corners of the curtains of course, to see how many people were there and if we could find our family and friends. Wow, it was so very busy, we honestly had not expected that. Of course we’d hoped it all along, that there would be 100 people, but it actually came true! A beautiful 136 in total. Thank you all so much for   coming!!
Then the stage got dark and out little introduction video started and we all lined up backstage and pulled funny faces to each other and jumped up and down of excitement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen it was our turn. Starting with “Lollipop” we stood side by side and got in the mood. If you want to read more about the show, please visit this link.

Of course we want to thank a few people. Tonnie from the Spot for asking us to perform and giving us the opportunity to make it entirely our own show. Lineke and Gerrit form the Spot for the posters and PR. Willemien and Remi for being there on the night and helping us with everything. We got complete freedom to make the Spot look as we wanted and we had permission to use anything we needed:-) Maurits and Martijn for the soundcheck and sound engineering, and for the video. Also thanks to Wouter for the lights.
Thanks to Muck and Joost for filming. We can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it (as soon as we receive the footage we will post it on the website!). Thank you Matthieu for shooting pictures, and while we’re at it, for helping us create this beautiful website and blog! Thank you Aurora for cooking an general interest and support, and while we’re at it, for designing the businesscard!
Thank you all! We had a wonderful, wonderful evening and we couldn’t have done it without you!

The Roosettes

Photo’s by Tineke Boer and Matthieu van IJserloo

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