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Guess what!? We have a very special evening coming up. Yes, yes, another Evening With The Roosettes. But this time a little different from the last one, which was in de Spot. This time we figured it would be nice to not only sing for our guests, but also serve them dinner!

And who better to help us with that than the lovely people from Honeypie! When we told them about the idea and asked them for their cooperation they were so nice and they agreed (OMG, can you believe it!) and now we can finally officially tell everyone:

Sunday april 13th we will throw our yearly Evening With The Roosettes at Honeypie!

When you come (which we assume ALL of you will), you will get a full concert from us and in the meantime you can enjoy a plate of good food. One simple dish inspired by the vintage cuisine of the 1950’s, mixed with our local tradition. And a piece of excellent Honeypie pie for dessert of course. And everything will be in a vintage theme. 


Preparations are in full swing. There’s still a lot to take care of, but we love working on it and we will keep you updated on our progress through this website. If you want to stay informed, please subscribe to our blog or like us on Facebook. And if there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d like to hear from you .

Well, see you there!

The Roosettes


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