Christmas Caroling

As the end of the year approaches and Christmas time is near, we are entering a busy time. This week we have four performances in three days. Which is a lot, we know, but we like to sing christmas carols so much! And we can only do that during this time of year:-)
So, tomorrow, we will be present at UCR’s Bagijnhof Christmas Market, which needless to say will be held at Bagijnhof in Middelburg. We will be singing at about eight thirty, so everyone who is interested is hereby invited so come and listen and maybe enjoy a cup of hot coco of gluhwein as well.

 If you can’t make it tomorrow evening there’s another chance for you to come and see us. We will also be singing at Stichting Arduin’s Christmas Market on Friday at the icerink on Middelburgs Marktplein at about 1pm. So, if you have missed tomorrow night’s performance you are welcome to come and listen then and maybe enjoy an oliebol and a round of skating.

The other two performances aren’t public, so I’m afraid we can’t invite you to those. One has already past this afternoon, when we had the honor to attend UCR’s Going Glocal Diner and take care of some musical intervals, as well as enjoy a lovely diner. Thank you everyone from the Going Glocal Project.
The fourth performance will be at the beach in Vrouwenpolder tomorrow for the Zeeuws Museum. So tomorrow will be a busy day (as some of us have exams as well!) but we are looking forward to it none the less.

After this busy busy week we will have a short break from rehearsing. It’s Christmas Time and each one of us is going to spend it with their families and therefore a lot of us will not be in Middelburg. We will however post about our last few days of the year together and we hope to be able to share some photo’s of our Christmas Caroling. In Februari we will start again and who knows what we’ll have in store for you next year…!

The Roosettes

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