Busy Little Bunch

As we previously wrote on this blog, we had three performances in two weeks. And the auditioning girls, of course, but we’ll tell you about that later.

The first performance was for a fundraising dinner organised by UCR where friends of UCR came together to raise € 18,000 for student scholarships. [You can read all about that here]

The second was for the UCR RASA (Roosevelt’s All Student Association) festival, part of the Zeeuws Nazomer Festival, where students got a chance to show their musical talents. First up where classical piano performances by Trevor Maloney, Eline Smit and Dok Kunneman, inside the beautiful rooms of the Abbey. After that there were several pop/rock bands who all played outside on the abbey square. In between those two parts it was our turn. We once again enjoyed being inside the walls of the abbey and we did a good performance, even though we still were getting used to being with only six girls.

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-11 om 14.02.23

Third we had been asked to perform during the opening of the Middelburgs theater season in Het Minitheater, where five different amateur drama companies showed a preview of their coming play, for the donators and members of the Middelburg Theater Association. We were also invited for the dinner prior to the evening, where we enjoyed a lovely meal and an even better desert.
The idea was that we sang a few songs during the dinner. And in between the different previews. And during the break. And afterwards to end the evening. So we stood on stage in that beautiful old fashioned theater seven times that day!

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-11 om 13.36.24 You can imagine that we had a great time. We were warmly welcomed by everyone, got a tour of the place (You should really go there sometime! It’s lovely.), got to join for the food, had a say in the planning of the evening and were affectionately appreciated for everything we did.
And being on stage that much and being together for the whole evening (and the past weeks in anticipation of these performances) we got used to the smallness of the group. We know each others voices and singing styles well and found out how well we respond to each other in this setting. I guess we were all surprised and touched by that. (However, we are still thrilled to be in the middle of the auditioning process, of which you will hear the results next week!)

As icing on the cake which was a lovely evening where we learned about the theater world of Middelburg, and the audience in turn learned about a lovely group of singing girls called The Roosettes, we appropriately sang ‘We’ll Meet Again’ together with the guests and hosts, who began to sing along at the first recognizable notes.

We want to share their thank you note to us with you:
De avond was mede een succes door jullie verrassende optredens, die zo wonderwel pasten tussen de verschillende previews van voorstellingen. Als de olie van een motor! Onontbeerlijk! Zoals jullie tot slot zongen: We’ll meet again! En ieder kunnen wij een optreden van jullie aanraden! Zullen we ook doen!
[The evening was also a success because of your surprising performances, which suited perfectly between the different previews of plays. Like the oil of an engine! Indispensable! The way you finally sang ‘We’ll Meet Again’! We would recommend a performance by you to everyone! And we will!]

Hereby we want to thank everyone from Middelburgs Mintheater, especially Carla who invited us and took care of us that evening, for a lovely lovely time! We wish you all the best for the coming theater season and we really do hope to meet again sometime.

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