Ain’t Misbehavin’

Dearest readers,

even though we’re still enjoying our long and lovely winterbreak, so much is going on! For instance, we just got this video from the time we sang at Concert bij de Buren, do you remember that? Check it out right here!

During these cold winter months, the board has also been working on a special surprise for next summer’s graduation ceremony. We’re incredibly excited, but we won’t tell you more just yet!

Lastly, we have great news: we have been selected to sing at the VolKoren festival here in Middelburg! It’s a great festival with amazing choirs everywhere around town, and we’re incredibly grateful that we can participate. For more information on this festival, check out the website of VolKoren.


That was all for now. One more week and then we’re going to start our weekly rehearsals again. We’ll bring you more news then!


The Roosettes