A little bit of history

In 2010 Anne Berrevoets and Ferra Heskin were students at Roosevelt Academy (what is now known as University College Roosevelt) in Middelburg. After discovering they both had a passion for music and singing they started a little choir, consisting of 12 of their closest musical friends, almost all of them RA-students too.
Here’s a quote from the first email:

Dear Girls, […] we want to start a singing group this semester: the Roosettes (named after the Roosevelt Academy; the Roosevelt family, i.e. Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin) or something alike. We are thinking about a close harmony group – so no girly, girly, high screaming, fragile sound, but a warm, soulful, powerful sound.

Ferra & Anne

The repertoire consisted of close harmony a capella songs arranged for women. Songs like “Rum and Coca Cola”, “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Lean On Me”. They started rehearsing in Ferra’s room. First studying the notes, conducted by Ferra, and after that finding some subtle and modest movements to go with it. No grand bustle; “We are not a showchoir.” is what Anne used to say.


After a few months they had their first performance in Student Bar Barrel. Soon other performances followed and all in all they had established a good name for the group in that first year, where they quickly gained a reputation of being a group of good singers (who where also nice to look at)…
After having said goodbye to “founding mothers” Ferra and Anne, who both graduated, there was no question as to whether The Roosettes should continue to exist. The board changed and took over tasks and they kept on going. Slowly the group were asked to sing at official UCR events. But also local festivals and happenings as well as private parties.

Most performances are on request, for special occasions and events; ceremonies, open days, parties or gatherings of all sorts. (If you are interested in hiring the group, please click here.)
And once a year The Roosettes like to organize a concert themselves. In 2013 it was in De Spot. You can read an impression here. In 2014 we had An Evening With The Roosettes in Honeypie, the best tearoom in the land. For and impression go to our video page. If you are interested in visiting one of The Roosettes performances you can subscribe to the newsletter (on the homepage) and get a message whenever there’s a performance, or check our Events Page.


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We hope to see you soon,

The Roosettes