Tomorrow’s the day! Yay!

Mr. What-ya-call-em, what you doing tonight? Hope you’re in the mood because we’re feeling just right!


Yes, only one more day and we will be in the Spot getting ready for the big night. We had our last rehearsal yesterday where we did a full run-through with dresses and everything. And we must say, we do look particularly pretty for this special day. Doesn’t that sound promising;-)? Oh, and we sound perfect too of course!

There’s nothing really left to say, except that we are ready and looking forward to it. We hope you all have a ticket (if not, there will be another ticketsale tomorrow at UCR) or reserved a place (if not, you can send us an email with a name and a number of tickets and we’ll put you on the list). Of course there’s always the possibility of getting a ticket at the door on friday night.

We have packed our dresses, shoes, hair-rollers, lipstick, umbrella’s, smiles and good attitudes and we will be waiting for you tomorrow at eight o’clock in the Spot!

The Roosettes

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