Ain’t Misbehavin’

Dearest readers,

even though we’re still enjoying our long and lovely winterbreak, so much is going on! For instance, we just got this video from the time we sang at Concert bij de Buren, do you remember that? Check it out right here!

During these cold winter months, the board has also been working on a special surprise for next summer’s graduation ceremony. We’re incredibly excited, but we won’t tell you more just yet!

Lastly, we have great news: we have been selected to sing at the VolKoren festival here in Middelburg! It’s a great festival with amazing choirs everywhere around town, and we’re incredibly grateful that we can participate. For more information on this festival, check out the website of VolKoren.


That was all for now. One more week and then we’re going to start our weekly rehearsals again. We’ll bring you more news then!


The Roosettes

Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

Hi there!

It’s been a while since our last update, because we have been studying very hard on new repetoire! With two lovely and talented ladies added to our group we have been starting some new songs, but we’ve also had some very nice performances! For instance the Concert bij de Buren in Middelburg, where we sang at the lovely B&B ‘T Poorthuys (see picture!). On Monday, we welcomed a nice group of international councelors to UCR, where we performed during there dinner. And tonight, something that we’re very excited about: we’ll be singing at the ladies night christmas fair at the Intratuin in Koudekerke! Tickets are available at the info desk and they’re €5,-. In exchange, you’ll get a night full of christmas shopping, extra discounts and a lot of music! We will be welcoming the guests at the entrance between 19.00 and 20.00. Hopefully we’ll see you there! We’ll be singing some of our very new songs like Ain’t Misbehavin’, Come Fly With Me, and maybe some other songs that you’ve never heard us sing before! Don’t miss out on this special night!

We’ll keep you posted on our next performances!
Love, the Roosettes



Ok, we’ve been away from the website for a while. We’ve never even posted anything about our amazing evening at Honeypie!

To give an impression of the diner you can watch this little clip that friends of us made of a song called ‘Honey Pie’ (by the Beatles) we learned especially for the occasion. And if you go on to Youtube you will be able to find recordings of all the songs we performed there, while our guests enjoyed their dinner. 

But that’s forever ago! Since then we’ve done so many things I don’t know where to start. I guess we’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start :)

Right after our big evening in Honeypie we started rehearsing a special song for a special occasion: graduation. It’s become a regular thing to perform there now. And everytime we pick a song that’s somewhat out of our usual repertoire. This year it was Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen). A very difficult but o so genious song that was on the top of our song-bucketlist.

And yes, it took us quite some blood sweat and tears, but we managed to learn all 25 pages by heart! We kept it a surprise for the guests all the way up to the moment we got on stage and started singing: “Is this the real life, is this just fantasy…”

Unfortunately we don’t have any footage from that afternoon, so we can’t show you how we KNOCKED THEIR SOCKS OFF!

Anyway, then summer began. But not after we had a very nice groupdinner to say goodbye to Joanna. She had been a part of the Roosettes for three years, first as a singer and then as a our conductor. A job that fit her like a glove and where she helped the group to get to the next level.

Thank you dear Joanna, for everything you’ve done! We will miss you dearly!



And then summer truly began. But as it goes every summer we were in need for some new girls. Or, rather one new girl. Because we decided that we only have space for one girl this semester since only one girl left. Tabitha will take over conducting from september on and so we need one new singer. Auditions were held and only two girls signed up! But guess what! They are both so good and such a right fit for the group that we decided to make it easy on ourselves and take them both! So, we present to you Judith Veld and Romy Siebelink.

To kick off the new semester we had a very nice performance for the 10th anniversary gala of UCR. An evening which we could not have missed since we have been part of so many important UCR events. From Dean Hans Adriaansens Goodbye Ceremony to Dean Barbara Oomen’s inaugural lecture. When we started the Roosettes four years ago it was still called RA! So we felt right in place there and the best part was that there were so many old Roosettes in the audience that night, including Joanna who came back to stand before us one last time!


Right now we are very busy rehearsing and getting to know eachother. This semester we are devoted to new repertoire. We will slowly get rid of the songs we have been singing for years (don’t worry we will keep the best ones!) and add a lot of new songs. Which ones, you are probably wondering. Well, one of them is “Come Fly With Me” :-) Our first performance with the “new girls” and the new repertoire will be on October 19th during Concert bij de Buren. Tickets are still available! So we hope to see you there!



Vintage Photographs

Yesterday we had our photo-shoot with the wonderful mister Van IJserloo, who was our photographer for the day. We all went to this lovely Steamtrain station in Goes where everything is old and vintage and so beautiful. We had a personal guide who gave us access to everything! Thank you Kees and Reinier.


We were able to get into every part of the lot; the platform, the pile of vintage suitcases, the wagons, the locomotives, the workshop, the repository, we even got to go onto the rails and in between the wagons. Of course we had to watch out not to damage our dresses, our beautiful new vintage dresses. We finally have our look complete, having purchased the last two dresses for Simone and Tsjalline. Making the picture perfect, setting the theme for our group; 1940’s–1950’s.


 We don’t have all the pictures yet, but we want to share the ones we have. One of these will be on the poster for our Evening With The Roosettes, which will be ready soon.


On the Steamtrain’s lot there is an old building De Goederenloods, which is so beautifully decorated inside and out. Everything vintage, of course. While we were snapping our shots on the balcony there was a tango dance-class going on inside. We were asked to sing a song for the guests and so we did. We had an impromptu little concert and also got a cup of tea!


All in all it was a long and exhausting day (we also had a rehearsal when we got back to Middelburg), but the results are fabulous! And the people were so nice and helpful. And we generally had a great day being together and having fun. We hope to see all of you at our concert in HoneyPie on Sunday april 13th, where we hope so share with you our love for music and the vintage cuisine. 



So Long!


Exciting News

Guess what!? We have a very special evening coming up. Yes, yes, another Evening With The Roosettes. But this time a little different from the last one, which was in de Spot. This time we figured it would be nice to not only sing for our guests, but also serve them dinner!

And who better to help us with that than the lovely people from Honeypie! When we told them about the idea and asked them for their cooperation they were so nice and they agreed (OMG, can you believe it!) and now we can finally officially tell everyone:

Sunday april 13th we will throw our yearly Evening With The Roosettes at Honeypie!

When you come (which we assume ALL of you will), you will get a full concert from us and in the meantime you can enjoy a plate of good food. One simple dish inspired by the vintage cuisine of the 1950’s, mixed with our local tradition. And a piece of excellent Honeypie pie for dessert of course. And everything will be in a vintage theme. 


Preparations are in full swing. There’s still a lot to take care of, but we love working on it and we will keep you updated on our progress through this website. If you want to stay informed, please subscribe to our blog or like us on Facebook. And if there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d like to hear from you .

Well, see you there!

The Roosettes


Ready for Rehearsals

After a six week winterbreak we are back rehearsing again! The past semester Liesbeth was our “interim” conductor while Joanna was in Strassburg for school.

willibrord open dag 2013 (86)

But now Joanna’s back and we are ready for another semester with a busy schedule and a lot on the program, of which we can’t tell you everything yet. One thing we CAN tell you is that there will be another Evening With The Roosettes!! Yay! It will be a very special event, we can pitch that, but the ins and outs aren’t set in stone yet. Of course we will let you know everything we do trough this blog. Not only for The Big Performance (as we call it among the group), but for all the other things we are planning to do as well.

First up is a performance on Valntines Day at out sponsor’s Flowershop In de Verbeelding (wijngaardstraat, Middelburg). We will be there at one o’clock. We hope you will be there too!

Vintage Valentine's Day Card (12)

One of the songs we will be singing there is this:


Forever yours,
The Roosettes

Happy Newyear!

We want to wish you all a very happy and successful new year filled with positive energy and lots of beautiful music! We also want to take this opportunity to look back on the past year and reminisce about the most wonderful things we did.

The year started with the graduation of three Roosettes: Rosanne, Muck and Zahra.

grad '12 jan

Joanna, Roos and Tabtiha formed the new board after Zarah and Elise. And Lonneke joined the group.

We had the honor of singing during old queens commissioner Karla Peijs’ goodbye party.
Also, this beautiful website was launched!

We were asked to sing at Prof. Dr. Rijkers’ inaugural lecture.

prof rijkers vintage MAY
Our very own “An Evening With The Roosettes” in de Spot was a great success and we hope to organize another evening like this in 2014.

the roosettes vintage

At the end of the academic year we said goodbye to three graduating Roosettes, Elise, Pam and Louise, during a lovely high tea in Honeypie.

We enjoyed a (well deserved) break.

beach vintage

During the summer break we did not sit still, no, the search for new girls started. Since not only Elise, Louise and Pam left, but Yvette and Marlin also left the group we needed at least four new girls. But where to find them?

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-02 om 21.16.25

Was one of our busiest months with a new conductor Liesbeth, eleven auditions, four new girls, three performances, and one very exciting happening where we were asked to sing together with four big names in Dutch music: Peter Faber, Tom de Ket, Robert-Jan Stips and Huub van der Lubbe. I realize now that we never posted about that so I promise we will do that soon!

Nacht van de Nacht in the Spot.


We performed at the retirement home were we got a lot of recognition from the elderly people, who grew up listening to the songs in our repertoire.

willibrord open dag 2013 (89)

Another very busy month with a lot of nice performances and of course some Christmas Carols. We can look back on a year where we have accomplished a lot:

Eight goodbyes, five new girls, three conductors, fourteen new songs, eleven new dresses, one very lovely sponsor (page under construction), one awesome new website, approximately one hundred and sixty cups of tea and twenty pies/tarts/cakes, thirty-two rehearsals, seventeen performances, three umbrellas, two kazoos, one woodblock, uncountable laughs and a lot of excitement to have another year just like this, or maybe even better then this one!

Forever yours,

The Roosettes

Christmas Caroling

As the end of the year approaches and Christmas time is near, we are entering a busy time. This week we have four performances in three days. Which is a lot, we know, but we like to sing christmas carols so much! And we can only do that during this time of year:-)
So, tomorrow, we will be present at UCR’s Bagijnhof Christmas Market, which needless to say will be held at Bagijnhof in Middelburg. We will be singing at about eight thirty, so everyone who is interested is hereby invited so come and listen and maybe enjoy a cup of hot coco of gluhwein as well.

 If you can’t make it tomorrow evening there’s another chance for you to come and see us. We will also be singing at Stichting Arduin’s Christmas Market on Friday at the icerink on Middelburgs Marktplein at about 1pm. So, if you have missed tomorrow night’s performance you are welcome to come and listen then and maybe enjoy an oliebol and a round of skating.

The other two performances aren’t public, so I’m afraid we can’t invite you to those. One has already past this afternoon, when we had the honor to attend UCR’s Going Glocal Diner and take care of some musical intervals, as well as enjoy a lovely diner. Thank you everyone from the Going Glocal Project.
The fourth performance will be at the beach in Vrouwenpolder tomorrow for the Zeeuws Museum. So tomorrow will be a busy day (as some of us have exams as well!) but we are looking forward to it none the less.

After this busy busy week we will have a short break from rehearsing. It’s Christmas Time and each one of us is going to spend it with their families and therefore a lot of us will not be in Middelburg. We will however post about our last few days of the year together and we hope to be able to share some photo’s of our Christmas Caroling. In Februari we will start again and who knows what we’ll have in store for you next year…!

The Roosettes

Under the Moonlit Sky

What a wonderful night we had during N8vdN8! In the light of the moon we were at our best. Singing like we’ve never done before and looking the part too. Accompanied by three handsome fellows we all told our story.


As the three young sailors set off to sea they left behind their loving wives. While the men sang of hard work and despair, of being alone at sea and missing their wives and mothers, their women back home sang of loneliness and desire, of the longing to be with their man and how coffee kept them going while they were waiting for their men to come home.

Our special thanks go out to Laurens Hilbrandt, Emiel Willie Darktrousers and Joost Oomen, who were marvellous company and even better artists.

Till we meet gain!

* * * * * *